Disruption by Jessica Shirvington Review


Australian author, Jessica Shirvington’s science fiction thriller novel, Disruption was just released earlier this year! What if a microchip could identify your perfect match? What if it could be used against you and the ones you love? It is the first book of a duology about 18-year old Maggie Stevens, a girl who just blended in and wasn’t noticed, until she ‘rated’ extremely well with it-boy and heir to the M-Corp empire, Quentin Mercer. Things seem to be falling into place exactly as Maggie hoped, until she is torn between making choices, which will affect the people she loves and cares about most, a heartbreaking realisation of who is really good or evil.

I try to be an avid and open-minded reader so I didn’t think this kind of book would be my thing but Disruption just totally blew me away. I loved every part of the novel; the plot, the kick-butt characters, the setting, and just the way it was written. It’s a very addictive read and you forget that it’s actually set in our world with the only difference being the ‘mandatory M-bands’. This would be Jessica’s best book yet and it’s definitely my favourite novel I have ever read so far. I’d recommend this book for girls 14+ years, but if you boys want to try something different, why not?  I cannot wait to read the second and final book of this duology! Packed with action, danger, adventure, and romance, bonds made and trust broken, Jessica Shirvington’s Disruption will most definitely disrupt your nights with awesomeness!



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