Missing You (An apology, an appreciation and a recap)

Hello hello!  Did you miss me?  Of course you did, but not nearly as much as I missed you all. ❤ It has been an awfully long time since I last wrote and you must feel absolutely cheated! I am so sorry.  It’s been a crazy senior year and it’s cliche but it’s going way too quickly.  And I hate to say it but my schedule has been packed and I’ve been pouring my brain vomit into all of my assessment and extra curricular.  Tomorrow I will have lived another year! What?  I can say I definitely have a lot of ideas, plans and thoughts that’ll on various aspects of life so get excited. Until then, here’s an overview of what went down in my life since I blogged last:

March: Wicked Round 2, Cinderella slayed my life & I became a youth ambassador for La Boite Theatre

April: Did a massive house clean-out, became one with nature, completed an intense Broadway workshop w/ Troy Woodcroft, senior jersey in my possession

May:  Continuing my work as a social justice warrior #Vinnies, pretended to be a barrister #mooting, watched the fight of the century #TeamPacman

June: Family is #1, Grease rehearsals

July: Grease: The Musical aka Best time of my life #PattySimcox

I will do a few throwback posts when I feel appropriate to some of the significant events that occurred during the past few months. I also solemnly swear that I will continue to maintain this lovely blog weekly from now on in.  Thank you so much for reading, subscribing, and sharing my content.  

Stay fabulous, M xoxo

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