Hakuna Matata!

Red carpet <3

Red carpet ❤

It’s a problem free… philosophy… Hakuna Matata!

Last Saturday night I attended a performance of the Australian production of Disney’s The Lion King at Lyric Theatre, QPAC in Brisbane with my family. It was spectacular! Since we weren’t permitted to take pics during the show, here’s a glimpse of before opening curtain – Rafiki’s sketches.


Stage pre-show

Seen by more than 70 million people, Disney’s landmark musical event THE LION KING is an international phenomenon that will redefine your expectations of theatre. Bursting with colour, fun and depth, it’s enjoyable for everyone of all ages! They even throw in a couple Frozen references that are hilarious!

I’m a massive Disney girl so to watch The Lion King come to life on stage was too incredible! The entire cast – characters and dancers were all fabulous but my favourites would have to be Rafiki, who’s played by the original Broadway show cast member, Scar and Zazu. The puppetry and manipulation of props and costume for each character was amazing. Of course, they performed all the hits including Circle of Life, Can You Feel The Love Tonight and Hakuna Matata as well as additional songs like Shadowland!

It’s Brisbane season opened on the 21st of September and is running until the 25th of January, 2015. I’d definitely recommend the show to everyone! So if you want to feel the love tonight, book your tickets!


Cinderella Ballet Was On Pointe

Arts Centre GC 2014 Season

Arts Centre GC 2014 Season

Morgan and I with the great Li Cunxin

Morgan and I with the great Li Cunxin

My main girl and me post-show

My main girl and me post-show

Punny title I know hehehe.  I couldn’t help myself! So for my birthday (August), one of my closest friend’s, Morgan gave me tickets for me and her to watch the Queensland Ballet’s production of Cinderella on September 19 at the Arts Centre Gold Coast. It was the first ballet I’d seen and boy did I love it, here’s what went down that night 🙂

With beautiful costumes, incredible sets, and amazingly talented dancers, Cinderella performed by the Queensland Ballet was a spectacular show! The ballet shows the story of Cinderella through 3 acts – Act 1: The antics of the Ugly Stepsisters until the Fairy Godmother’s transformation of the pumpkin to the carriage and the mice into a coach and horses, Act 2: The ball, and finally Act 3: Cinderella in her rags with her one shoe and ends with her wedding with the Prince and the new princess loved by all.

The story is much like the tale we already know and love with a few new beautiful characters you may not know of yet, like the fairies of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter who all assist the Fairy Godmother in her magic and the Prince’s very funny Jester. It had a great combination of humour, romance and drama, and the sets and special lighting really set the scene.  The live orchestra also really brought the story to life!

We were so blessed that one of the highlights of our night was meeting the dance legend himself, Li Cunxin! Morgan and I sooo fangirled and were over the moon to get a photo and his autograph! Li Cunxin is not only the Queensland Ballet’s Artistic Director but also author of Mao’s Last Dancer, motivational speaker and mentor, and 2014 Australian of the Year finalist.

Li Cunxin said, “They all work very hard. The quality of the performance reflects the care and attention to detail which has been lavished upon it.”

The show certainly brought the magic to life, you could say that it was the show that fit the shoe!