Β What does happiness mean to you?

Being able to travel and still come home and just enjoy life.

What makes you happy?Β 

Having the time and money to go out with friends and family and just travelling.Β 




What does happiness mean to you?

Not hurting anyone and they not hurting you.

What makes you happy?

When other people are happy. No material things – money doesn’t make you happy; it makes those with money look happy and others think they’re happy and sure they can buy nice things but it’s you on the inside that chooses to be happy. πŸ™‚



(Left to right) Helena, Anastasia, Connie

What makes you happy?

“FOOD! Hahahaha!” πŸ˜€ “Food, fashion and music.”

Happiness is…

“Being healthy and being around great people.” 

“Being around people that you love – it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re around people that you love, you’ll be happy always.”

Morgan’s Happy

20150922-144921.jpgMorgan, 17

What does happiness/being happy mean to you?

It means having enjoyment in life and the feeling from being around good people ad enjoying life to its full potential.

What makes you happy?

My friends, my family. YOLO. When I do really well in something. Achievements.

When you or others are down, how do you pick them back up?

For me, I play my flute or any other type of music. I make other people happy by just being my funny human self and use my humour.


Rose Is Choosing Happiness

Rose, 16P1180389

What does happiness/being happy mean to you?

That is deep! Happiness means to me, doing the things you love and being with the people you love and being content in life with what you have.

What makes you happy?

My family makes me happy ’cause my life revolves around them, my friends make me happy. Just a simple life but good things in life, yeah. This just came straight at me. Family and friends make me happy.

If your friends and family are sad, how do you cheer them up?

A good talk with them or even a hug! Just a hug, that simple – because sometimes people don’t want to talk to you when they’re sad so you just give them a hug and I guess sometimes that means the world to people or just showing that you’re there for them… yeah.

Are you happy now?

Yeahhh! I’m happy ’cause I’m with Monique πŸ˜‰ and we’re chilling here, it’s pretty fun. So yeah, I’m very happy, thank you. ❀

Lachlan’s Happiness

Lachlan, 16

What does happiness/being happy mean to you?
Feeling that you have value, if that makes sense… Appreciating yourself and everything that you do. Finding comfort that what you’re actually doing means something not to others but to you.

What makes you happy?
What makes me happy? I’m a materialistic kind of guy so money comes on top (1), travel comes in second (2), and good appearance and good friendship groups comes in third (3).

Are you happy now?
I’m happy now πŸ™‚

Amba Chose Happiness

P1180374Amba, 16

What does happiness/being happy mean to you?
I think it means being content with yourself… ’cause you can’t really be happy unless you love yourself.

What makes you happy?
Being around family and friends, and just people I care about, and seeing them happy makes me happy ahaha..

Fast pick-me ups?
I’ll listen to music or play with my dogs… Or hang out with my family and my friends. Yeah πŸ™‚

Ysabelle Does Happy

Ysabelle, 3


Ysa with Froggy

What does happiness mean?

Love! ❀

What makes you happy?

Love… Frozen, family, friends, sharing and dancing.

Frozen makes me laugh too! And at school (kindergarten) my friends share and we make things together. That makes me happy.

Do you do dance lessons?

Yes, and I just like to dance. I do swimming lessons!

Are you happy now?

(Nods head vigorously in approval and giggles)

“I don’t like being sad. I like being happy.” πŸ™‚

Worries? Let it go!

Worries? Let it go!