(Left to right) Helena, Anastasia, Connie

What makes you happy?

“FOOD! Hahahaha!” ūüėÄ “Food, fashion and music.”

Happiness is…

“Being healthy and being around great people.” 

“Being around people that you love – it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re around people that you love, you’ll be happy always.”

Know Your Worth

Loving me, loving me. Loving you, loving you.

We all know what it feels like to have been treated like crap, to have been used and abused by work/school mates, friends and/or lovers. It sucks.  Confidence and self-esteem are key qualities in both personal and professional development yet seem out of reach with society driving us to embrace unrealistic expectations and the lack of respect shown for one another.  How we see ourselves is not only derived from our own beliefs but is also influenced by those around us. Self love is not something gained instantly, it is an ongoing lesson obtained with the right attitude and an open mind.

It is so important to surround yourself with good, positive people. ¬†Invest your time with people who are going to lift you higher while staying grounded. ¬†Invest your time with people who make you a better person but still accept and love you for who you are. Invest your time in people who support you no matter, the ones who are there for you at¬†your best and at your worst.¬†Invest¬†your time wisely and with the best people because you only have one shot at each day. ūüôā ¬†Remember that not everyone is going to stick around forever but appreciate those who bring good energy and treat you like custom couture and not just off the generic sale rack. ¬†There will always be people trying to rain on your parade but don’t let them dull your sparkle.

Darling, love yourself. ‚̧ Much easier said than done but you’re the only one who can make that choice. ¬†Look in the mirror and say how dashing or sexy you look. Tell yourself that you love the way your eyes sparkle in the light or the cute way your nose wrinkles when you laugh. We¬†have flaws and are the worst critics of ourselves, but embrace who you are and no one can use your flaws against you. #flawesome

Know that the¬†number of likes, comments, friends or followers you have does not say anything about your character. ¬†We are priceless and should not fear abandonment by another. Don’t settle for less than the best. ¬†We should not be someone’s back up plan or second option. ¬†Know that you are precious and loved. ¬†Take the time to discover and treat yourself – binge watch Netflix, buy those new kicks or lay in bed for as long as you want, find something you love and do it as often as possible. Know your worth because what you allow is what will continue.

With love and light always, Monique x

We Are Sisters, We Stick Together 

I’m going to be honest, I love being a girl but it’s a difficult task. ¬†I attended a conference exclusively for senior high school girls with the hopes of choosing the path to empowerment, boldness, resilience and beauty.

If you ever get the chance to listen to Vita Adam do a motivational speech, DO LISTEN! She’s a very inspiring lady whose vibe is just so energising. ‚̧ She reinforced all the very important issues and challenges we face and encouraged us to change the world.

To be BOLD is to be strong, confident, fearless but most importantly, courageous. Being bold¬†in a society that’s constantly trying to confine us and push that we’re not good enough is a challenge. ¬†If you want to try something, just have a go! If you want to try different hobbies or sports or food, just do it! ¬†And don’t do it for others but for yourself. You can only fail if you don’t try.

Words are very powerful, especially names, and have either a positive or negative impact on us. The more they’re repeated, the more you believe them. I try to refrain from using negative and degrading language about other people both male and female, and also myself because it does nothing but make yourself look and feel bad. When asked to list the various good and bad things we call others and ourselves, I was honestly shocked by the amount of terrible and sad words girls call other girls, their ‘friends’, and themselves. I call my friends sugar, honey, babe, darling or just a nickname derived from his/her actual name. ¬†Last year I also came to terms with myself and promised to only speak positively about myself, however not arrogantly. Even as a joke I really don’t see any humour in calling friends s1uts, b*tche$, id!ots or fat. Some people, maybe even some of you are thinking that I’m way too serious or can’t take a joke but that’s just proof of the belittling culture we live in. Why is it more common to find girls calling each other names with horrible definitions compared to kind positive names?

By us females calling each other certain names, we are also giving men permission to do so. We’re always trying to straighten up the guys and teach them to respect girls but we must start with each other. Like the Cheetah Girls said, “We are sisters, we stand together. We make up one big family, though we don’t look the same.” Girls, we have to look out for each other all the time. ¬†Changing the world starts with you. Sure, the entire world isn’t going to change in an instant because we treat each other kinder but it’s a step in the right direction. No one is perfect and it’s natural to make mistakes but we need to practise a healthy culture, which includes a positive sisterhood, not only for ourselves but for younger girls – those who admire and look to us for guidance and as role models.

We are a beautiful specimen just as are males. Each one of us is unique, smart, and important. We must always remember to have courage and be kind.  It takes a strong wave to go against the current but we all have that power and can be amazing people. 

“Where there is woman, there is magic.”¬†Ntozake Shange

Let’s Do Happy!

Hi! So over the year, I’ve thought a lot about what makes people tick and how certain objects, actions, times and places affect people in different ways. I believe that happiness is a key value that should be a necessity in every person’s life, or at least a feeling that is experienced regularly – plus, it has been scientifically proven that happy people are healthier than those who are not.

Earlier this year, I felt I was kind of raining on my surrounding’s parade. So I took a step back and reflected why I felt the way I did and what to do about it. I acted on it and have a totally new perspective, I also just had to be reminded of how fortunate I am and appreciative of everything I have.

With all the tragic happenings in our world today, I wanted to create a project that revolved around positivity, and that is why I am launching the Do Happy Project! Do Happy is going to be focusing on one’s happiness. I’ll be talking to all types of people to find out the reason behind the twinkle in their eyes. ūüėÄ

I thought the start of Summer (down here) or Winter (for all y’all up north) would be a great way to hit this off as the start of these seasons nearly always bring fond memories.

I want this to be raw, so all my answers will have been taken over the phone, Skype/FaceTime, or in person. My idea is to post 1-2 profiles every week until the end of Summer/Winter plus my usual weekly blog post. ūüôā

I’d love for you all to be a part of this! So If you’d like to be involved in the Do Happy Project, please send me an email at: monique.pueblos@gmail.com with the subject heading ‘I want to Do Happy’.

With love and light always,
Monique ‚̧